Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Harvesting continues

We are so very thankful that we have been blessed with some nice weather and the guys can all be out in the fields getting tons done before the next batch of rain. We haven't seen a lot of Kurtis, but are managing by taking turns riding with him. Erica rode with him in the semi from 9-1:30 and wanted to go back tonight after supper. She's invading on Bethany's turf a little, but Bethany benefited by having me come help out in her classroom all day. It is so much fun to help out and watch the kids all interact and learn. Here are just a few pictures of the harvest so far.

Jaren checking his corn to see if it's ready

Bethany taking her turn

Erica & I rode with Kurtis earlier in the day. This was Erica's first time in the combine because last year she was terrified of it. This year...she loves it!

It was wet out on Friday so Kurtis and I took the kids bowling and out for ice cream. It was so much fun. This was Erica's first time actually bowling all 10 frames and she loved every minute of it down to her fancy bowling shoes. I'll let the last picture tell you how the game went. :)

They all loved watching the balls pop back up. Thankfully no one got bumped in the head!

The smile on Bethany's face sums up our evening...pure joy!
Okay...even though the scores are not great for the adults...I WON!!! I guess I'm entitled to brag every now and then right?!?!