Sunday, September 12, 2010

We're getting closer

We're getting closer to meeting our sweet Baby Bella and the kids (meaning mostly the girls) are getting very excited. The kids are going to a siblings class tomorrow night and get to tour the OB department. I hope it's a good experience and they are more prepared to come see me and Baby Bella when the time comes.
I decided to try my hand at making spit cloths for her to use since I had gotten rid of all my old ones. They didn't turn out too bad as long as you don't look closely at the stitching. :) There are only a few things that I would love to have done before her arrival...paint the girls' room and I should probably pack for the hospital. The painting will come this week once we can all agree on a color. Bethany gave me a pile of samples that she approved and then handed me the pile of the ones she didn't care for. Let's just say we have different opinions in what shade of pink to use. She would love hot pink and black. I'm not going for it.
Here's a couple pictures of the spit cloths I made. I really like the fabric and how girly they look. :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Last of summer fun

Well, I think it's safe to say that summer is officially over. We took down the pool yesterday, had our final camping trip and the weather is perfectly fall-like. I'm trying to gear myself up for Kurtis' long hours of work, but they will still sneak up on me just like they do every year. Lots of patience is what I'm going to need this fall (sad that I know that already). :) The pregnancy is moving right along and it's hard to believe that in less than a month our precious little girl will be here. I think we are all ready for the most part and the kids are getting excited. Only time will tell when she decides to make her appearance.
Labor Day weekend was our annual VM campout. I think we had 47 family members there and only a few missing. It was such a great weekend and many thanks to anyone involved in helping organize it. We're already looking forward to going again next year! I don't have a lot of pictures because my camera batteries ran out, but I'll share what I have. Between all the great food & fellowship there was plenty of other activities to keep us busy...2 mile fun run/walk along with a kid fun run, crafts, 2 base whiffle ball, playground, geo-caching, minute to win it games and our own special church service. The kids had no problems falling asleep each night, but Jaren was also eager to get up early the next morning so as not to miss anything.

Grandma showing the kids how to play their minute-to-win-it game.
I got to be the score keeper. :)

Enjoying the wonderful food...this was our large brunch.

Always a game of football going on with the boys.

Great-grandpa requested that the younger kids sing a few songs. They did a really good job.

Jaren's turn at bat during 2-base whiffle ball.

Bethany up at bat...don't you just love her baseball hat that she stole from daddy. She is such a daddy's girl! :)

The girls loved hanging out in their special tent.

Jaren & Luke had a great time playing cards.

The younger ones finishing up their fun run.
On your mark...get set...GO!
Yes, even Baby Bella and Baby VM had to participate in the kids fun run/walk. Then it was the mommies turn to do the adult fun run/walk. All the kids got prizes for finishing so the kids are enjoying my bag of candy since I can't eat it. :)