Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy 3 week & 32nd Birthday

I've been trying all week to get this blog finished, but it won't let me post all the pictures for some reason. Stay tuned to another blog in the near future with more adorable pictures of Kate and Kurtis' birthday.
Kate gets more kisses and hugs and there is always someone wanting to hold her. She is a very spoiled little girl who has won the hearts of many already.

Bethany looking at a book with her sisters...

...not such a baby friendly book though. :) I guess they'll all be prepared when that wild tiger comes after them. This is what I saw one morning when I came downstairs. Priceless.

Kate during one of her not so happy moments. I didn't want anyone to think that she never cries.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Our beautiful baby girl

On Wednesday, Oct. 6, we were blessed with the birth of our beautiful baby girl, Kate Joelle. She is our smallest weighing only 7 lbs. I thought she was going to be closer to 8 lbs. but I think she was just very stretched out. :) Her brother and sisters think she is the greatest and love her so much already. I hope you enjoy the pictures of our newest miracle.

Kate Joelle - a blessing from God
Proud daddy...I hope his lap is big enough for his 3 little girls. :)
Erica & Kate
Playing dress-up in the hospital
God has blessed our family so much!
Jaren & Kate
Bethany & Kate
One very proud mommy!
Our great dr. who delivered all of our children.
First picture.