Thursday, February 3, 2011

I guess I should update my blog since I'm starting to get harassed about the lack of updates. I personally thought I was doing fairly well considering everything going on around here. :)

It's time to have a blog dedicated to our Betty Lou. She is such a blessing for God for our family. She is a great big sister, has quite the bossy disposition (typical oldest girl), very tender hearted and I could go on and on. She is loving kindergarten, unfortunately not for the learning aspect but for the social. She is so much like her grandmas. :) Bethany could spend most of her time doing craft projects. If you give her a container of craft supplies she would be a very happy camper for the whole day. Nothing is junk in her opinion; everything can be used for a craft. We have to sneak a lot of things out of the house. Bethany is growing up very quickly and is so fun watching what has in store for her life. Enjoy these wonderful pictures of our precious girl.

Bethany's class performed at the Christmas tea at school. Here they are performing "Little Drummer Boy"

Enjoying her time with Kate

Play dough cookies