Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Weekend away in the Dells

This past Thursday, Kurtis & I celebrated our 10 year anniversary. I feel very blessed to be married to Kurtis...he is such a wonderful husband, father and best friend.
For our anniversary we decided to get away for a long weekend just to spend time together without the interruptions of our wonderful children. We went to the Wisconsin Dells, my first time and Kurtis' 3rd or 1st however you'd like to look at it. He doesn't remember the first two times. :)
We thought we'd review the different places we visited while there.

We stayed at the Rhapsody Resort...HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! They have some really neat theme rooms (and also family sized condos) such as London Bridge, Spa Retreat, Italian Renaissance and Asian Flair just to name a few. Our room was appropriately named Hog Alley...not after all the pigs that Kurtis gets to deal with on a daily basis. If you have a Harley fan in the house this would be the room for him/her. Check out http://rhapsodyresort.com/themes/theme-suites.html to see the room for yourself. The floor looked like black asphalt with the yellow lines painted on it. The walls were black with an orange stripe going around the room. The best part of the room for any male would be the giant orange garage door that had to be cranked down with a chain that served as the curtain. Made us feel like we were in a fancy garage. :) It did have a whirlpool tub that I took advantage of daily. Lake Delton was just feet from our patio and there always seemed to be someone fishing off the dock. It was a very relaxing atmosphere.
Moosejaw Pizza: Highly recommended! It has a log cabin atmosphere, wonderful pizza (bbq meat lovers was awesome) and dessert (I'm sure the other food is delicious also) and they brew their own beer and rootbeer which is way better than A&W's.
Paul Bunyan's Cook Shanty: I think the name says it all. We tried their family style breakfast which is all you can eat homemade doughnuts, pancakes, eggs, ham, sausage, potatos, and biscuits and gravy. You will not need to eat lunch that day if you eat here. :) Kurtis loved this place and would highly recommend trying it out just for the atmosphere if nothing else...the food was good also. Obviously the meal sample below is not the amount they served for just the two of us, but would be more for 6. :)
Mr. Pancake: We also tried this restaurant for breakfast. It looked like a big paddle boat on the outside. I had the blueberry pancakes which were delicious, but I seriously don't know of anyone who could eat 5 very heavy, thick pancakes and not have to be rolled out of there. Kurtis' meal was very good also and the portion was a lot more managable. :) It was very busy and very loud in there so if you're not a morning person and don't like to deal with that first thing in the morning you might was to skip this place, but otherwise it's not a bad place to go.

Ishnala's: We went to one "fancier" restaurant over the weekend and decided that we just don't fit in at places like this. :) We choose this one because there was a beautiful view of Mirror Lake to you could see while dining. We got there before 5:30 and they had no window seats left so our view was extremely limited. They bring you cheese & crackers, fresh baked bread and salad to start your meal with. Kurtis choose a steak and it was very delicious. I ordered Chicken Marsala and ended up getting served Veal Oscar which had shredded crab on top. I almost lost my cheese & crackers at that point since I can NOT stand seafood. Kurtis thought they had brought a dead carcass to the table and was smelling his steak with caution. The smell lingered the rest of our meal. We sent that meal back and waited forever for my real meal to show up. I made Kurtis eat his steak while it was hot. The meal was disappointing for the price that they charge, but the dessert was absolutely delicious! :) Not some place we would recommend unless you like over priced food.

Dells Boat Tour - Upper Dells: This was a very relaxing and recommended tour. The guides were very good at their job and seemed to actually be enjoying themselves also. The scenery was beautiful and we could just sit back and relax. There were two stops where you could do a little walking...Witches Gulch was very cool to walk through. Highly recommended.
Lost Canyon Tour: This was a horse and wagon 30 minute tour through the sandstone cliffs. If you need something a little less expensive to do this would be a good tour to take. We had some very funny little kids on the tour that kept us laughing.
Miniature Golf: No vacation would be complete without at least one round of mini golf. There is not a shortage of courses to choose from; we picked Pirate's Cove. The course we choose wasn't as challenging as we thought, but we both still came in over par. Oh, and just for the record...I WON!!! :)
Canoeing: We went canoeing for an hour on Saturday morning. It was so peaceful out on the lake and a wonderful way to spend time together. I thought I actually did a fairly good job helping stay on course.
The House on the Rocks: We did this tour on our way home. It's very impressive but you will have sensory overload by the time you are done. It took us all of 3+ hours and is not recommended for younger kids. We would highly recommend going here at least once just for the experience.

The whole weekend was so enjoyable and relaxing. The kids had a great time with Farm Grandpa & Grandma and were not ready for us to come home. They would like us to go away again for our anniversary...I told them maybe in 5 years. :)
We will definitely be taking our kids up this way in the next few years and then we'll enjoy the water & theme parks that seem to be in over abundance.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Jaren's is getting ready to wrap up another baseball season. They have not been overly successful when it comes to winning, but I have seen major improvements for the whole team. This is the first year that the players do the pitching the second half. It has slowed the games way down, but it's a great way for the players to learn. You'll have to wait until another blog for pictures since those didn't get transferred for some reason.
We were also excited to find out that we'll be welcoming baby girl #3 to our family. If you ask Jaren what he thinks about having another sister, he will reply, "I can't wait to go to college." :) I told him that God would never give him 3 little sisters if he didn't think he was a good big brother. This summer will involve switching the kids' rooms around since Jaren has a much bigger room than the girls do. The kids are trying to figure out how they want their new rooms decorated.
Our delicious DQ Ice Cream Cake...decorated just for a girl.

Kurtis has been very busy on the farm with spraying, trucking and clearing trees just to name a few things. They had a large tub grinder come and shred about 1-1/2 acres of trees that they had cut/knocked down. It was quite impressive and Jaren has now decided he'd really like his own miniature version for little sticks.
Our hard working man!
The impressive tub grinder

The girls and I had to wait awhile for the next semi to come in so we had fun climbing on the logs and taking pictures.
The kids have been busy staying cool by swimming in the pool and even had the chance to go down the slip-n-slide with their cousins. They were even able to talk dad into swimming with them and found it to be a lot more fun than when mom decides to get in. :)

Jaren is by far the rowdiest in the pool and burns tons of energy.
Erica loves wearing her floaties and hugging tight to Morgan the Monkey.
Bethany loves swimming and lounging in the tube to get a sun tan.
Some fun on the slip-n-slide.

Hopefully it won't take me quite as long to update next time, but I make no promises. :)