Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Break

Spring break is coming to a close and the beautiful weather and relaxed schedule has us all very anxious for summer vacation. We did not do a whole lot over break, but did enjoy getting lots of fresh air, attempting some geo-caching (not something easy to do with a 1 year old) shopping and best of all playing with cousins (and even getting to have a slumber party with them)! They all got a taste of the beach in preparation for camping in Michigan this summer also.Pure bliss!
We were trying to get a picture of the kids all together...guess who didn't want to participate :)
The one time we allowed Luke to act goofy for a picture
Aunt Jennifer & Kate

They LOVED this spinning toy
My two ADORABLE models :)

Enjoying a lovely picnic...I foresee many, many more of this coming up this spring/summer

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Gymnastics Adventures

Upward Basketball

Jaren had the opportunity to participate in the Upward Basketball program sponsored by a local church and he LOVED it. It is such a wonderful program that incorporates basketball fundamentals along with Christian teachings. The program was extemely organized and included 1 night of practice and then a game on Saturday. Jaren's team became such good buddies throughout the season and it was so fun to watch that friendship grow along with the basketball skills improve. Encouragement could be heard throughout the entire game by the coaches, refs and other players which was so neat to witness. Each practice included a time for devotions and each game started with a time of prayer with both teams, the coaches and the refs. How awesome is that?!?! Right now we have 3 kids wanting to play next year and I am all for that! They had a celebration tonight to celebrate each child and had a couple of very special guests - Steven Staggs who is a wide receiver for the Iowa Hawkeys spoke about courage & listening to God and your parents.
Steven Staggs & Tyler Sash's autographs on Jaren's jersey
Jaren & Steven Staggs
Jaren & Tyler Sash
Jaren's team receiving their trophies and other fun items
Jaren's cheering section at his last game...
...and the rest of them.
Going up for a shot - and he made it!
I love this picture - Jaren & Annika are good friends and this picture shows that teamwork that they have learned.
Getting final instructions from the refs before the game starts.

Sledding Fun

This winter has not been a good sledding winter with the lack of snow, but we did manage to go to Grandpa & Grandma's one Saturday for a lot of fun. The weather was picture perfect with warmer temps and no wind. Our wonderful Aunt Arlene, Mackenzie & Levi joined us. And of course we finished the sledding party off with a trip to Happy Joe's for pizza & games (thanks to Aunt Arlene for the quarters!).Like Father, Like Daughter - so much for a nice picture of them before heading down the hill. :)
Erica knows the smart way to come back up the hill.
Kate watching the fun. Kurtis took her down one time, but it was not a success. In her defense though, she was sick but it was too perfect of a day not to go. (Bad parenting I know.) :)
Pirate Bethany & her captive, Kenzie :)
Master minds at work. I think it was shortly after this that Jaren & Levi built a ramp for more excitement.