Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summer is getting away from us

This summer is seriously just flying by.  Thankfully the kids have had way more good days than bad days and overall have done a great job of hanging out together and entertaining each other.  I am ready for school to start though to get into more of a routine again.  Here's a quick photo run through of what we've been up to. :) 
We planted sweet corn that we are now enjoying a lot.

We checked on the cattle. :)

We've had heart to heart conversations.

We celebrated Town Grandma's 60th birthday (the kids joined us for dessert)

Jennifer & I took the young men on a date to Incredible Pizza

Kate was priveledged to join the boys on our date.

We went camping with our cousins and enjoyed water fights, riding bikes and bonfires

The three oldest kids took swimming lessons

 Jaren played his first year of Minors baseball
His team came in as the 1st place championship team

We've spent many, many hours in the pool.

Bethany had a little party with a few friends

Kate got rewarded after she braved the ER again :)

We had a wonderful camping vacation in MI - I will post about this separately.