Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Bethany & Erica are best of friends most of the time. Here Erica came up with a great way to fancy herself up by hanging princess ornaments from their ears. (Don't worry, they were strings, not hooks.)
Erica, being the fancy little girl that she is, was delighted to go to her first real tea party. She's had tea parties before at Grandma's house, but nothing compares to going to a real one with pretty decorated cookies & your choice of tea flavors.
Yes, she still sucks her thumb though her time is coming to an end. Harsh reality will hit on approximately Feb. 3 right after her birthday. :) She also loves reading books.
Erica enjoys playing games on the computer. Just look at that ornery face. :)
Erica just being herself.

And the below picture just speaks for itself. She struck this pose all by herself and it just cracks me up. :)