Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Yeah!!! We finally have our Internet back up and running normally. So now it's time to get caught up on pictures. This blog is going to be all about Kate. Check back soon for pictures of one of the other three monkeys we have around here. :)

Kate continues to be such a blessing to our family. She is getting more and more active everyday and loves play time much more than napping. She'll let us know when she's bored and wants attention and then just smiles and "talks" to us when she gets her way. :)
Kate is still a little peanut. I just weighed her on Sunday and she was exactly 9 lbs. We're hoping for 9-1/2 by Jan. 6, but I'm thinking that will be a long shot. She can still wear most of the newborn clothes and some of her 3 month outfits...though with her skinny waist some of the bottoms come off easily.
Kate loves laying on her play mat to play, especially if the giraffe toy is within playing distance. She loves to pull and chew on his long legs. She is also starting to sit-up with the boppy pillow for assistance and loves this new found trick.
Kate is by far my best sleeper baby wise. She goes to bed around 8:30-9:00 and sleeps until 3 or 4. She then goes back to bed for a few more hours. My other children made sure to get up about 3 times a night until they were at least 6 months old. God knew that I couldn't handle that now that I'm older. :)
Enjoy the pictures of our little Kate. She'll melt your heart just like she's down to all of ours. (I'm not biased at all.) :)

Kate was baptized on Nov. 21. We a blessing that we have to be
able to promise to raise her to fear and love the Lord.
I just love the way she likes to lay and kick nonstop.
And she loves it when we let her lay with very few clothes on.

This is Kate and her bear, Bella, at 1 month. I completely forgot to get her 2 month picture, but I will make sure to remind myself for the 3 month shot of her and Bella.

Kate got to experience her first snowfall/blizzard. I bundled her all up for a 30 sec. photo session. She was less than thrilled with the bitter winds, but I'm sure deep down she thought the snow was pretty. :)

Erica & Kate enjoying a cuddly moment. Kate is not a big snuggler so we take the snuggles when she hands them out.

I just love the big, wide-mouth smiles that she gives us. She is such a happy girl...most of the time.

All bundled up and ready to go for another car ride. Thankfully she doesn't mind the car seat once we're in the car moving.

Friday, December 17, 2010

still here!

We are still here, but our Internet has been taking several vacations lately. This post is all words and no pictures...sorry to disappoint. You can thank the Internet for the lack of pictures on this post.

We have been very busy since the last post and loving most of it.

Jaren continues to love 2nd grade. It's hard to believe that Jaren will be 8 on Monday...that's half way to 16 already!!! He has adjusted very well to having three sisters, but still mentions that it would be nice to have a brother...sorry bud, it's not going to happen. :) He just lost another tooth so he's proudly sporting a toothless grin. He loves reading, especially about sports & history, but better yet the history of sports facts & figures.

Bethany is still our dramatic, tender-hearted girl. She loves school days and can't wait to go every day. When she's home there is always an adventure happening depending on what costume she picks. And when she's not out on an adventure, Bethany's busy coming up with craft projects. God has truly blessed her with a great imagination. She is learning how to read and loves impressing us with what she has learned.

Erica is our silly monkey. She lives for making us laugh and says some of the silliest things. She loves playing with Bethany and having Jaren read her stories. Erica loves playing princess or with her princess castle, dancing & singing. She loves to remind us that she is almost 4 and then it will be her turn to go to preschool. For now she is really enjoying Sunday school and KidShine at church.

Kate is such a precious little girl. Her smiles will melt anyone's heart and her little coos will win you over. Kate obviously has me wrapped around her little finger. She loves playing on her playmat, taking baths, and doing "so big". She also loves it when we sing to her, especially "Jingle Bells"...probably because we do silly faces and help her dance along. :) She does have her crabby times, but her happy moments definitely outweigh them. We had Kate baptized in November and it was such a special day for all of us.

Kurtis has been putting in very long hours between harvest and now trucking. We look forward to Sundays when we are together as a family. I enjoy my times with MomShine, our mom's group at church & SONshine Preschool where I serve on the board.

God has truly blessed Kurtis and me with beautiful, healthy children and we are so thankful. Our lives are busy, but so full of blessings.

We hope you and your families have a very blessed Christmas!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy 3 week & 32nd Birthday

I've been trying all week to get this blog finished, but it won't let me post all the pictures for some reason. Stay tuned to another blog in the near future with more adorable pictures of Kate and Kurtis' birthday.
Kate gets more kisses and hugs and there is always someone wanting to hold her. She is a very spoiled little girl who has won the hearts of many already.

Bethany looking at a book with her sisters...

...not such a baby friendly book though. :) I guess they'll all be prepared when that wild tiger comes after them. This is what I saw one morning when I came downstairs. Priceless.

Kate during one of her not so happy moments. I didn't want anyone to think that she never cries.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Our beautiful baby girl

On Wednesday, Oct. 6, we were blessed with the birth of our beautiful baby girl, Kate Joelle. She is our smallest weighing only 7 lbs. I thought she was going to be closer to 8 lbs. but I think she was just very stretched out. :) Her brother and sisters think she is the greatest and love her so much already. I hope you enjoy the pictures of our newest miracle.

Kate Joelle - a blessing from God
Proud daddy...I hope his lap is big enough for his 3 little girls. :)
Erica & Kate
Playing dress-up in the hospital
God has blessed our family so much!
Jaren & Kate
Bethany & Kate
One very proud mommy!
Our great dr. who delivered all of our children.
First picture.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

We're getting closer

We're getting closer to meeting our sweet Baby Bella and the kids (meaning mostly the girls) are getting very excited. The kids are going to a siblings class tomorrow night and get to tour the OB department. I hope it's a good experience and they are more prepared to come see me and Baby Bella when the time comes.
I decided to try my hand at making spit cloths for her to use since I had gotten rid of all my old ones. They didn't turn out too bad as long as you don't look closely at the stitching. :) There are only a few things that I would love to have done before her arrival...paint the girls' room and I should probably pack for the hospital. The painting will come this week once we can all agree on a color. Bethany gave me a pile of samples that she approved and then handed me the pile of the ones she didn't care for. Let's just say we have different opinions in what shade of pink to use. She would love hot pink and black. I'm not going for it.
Here's a couple pictures of the spit cloths I made. I really like the fabric and how girly they look. :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Last of summer fun

Well, I think it's safe to say that summer is officially over. We took down the pool yesterday, had our final camping trip and the weather is perfectly fall-like. I'm trying to gear myself up for Kurtis' long hours of work, but they will still sneak up on me just like they do every year. Lots of patience is what I'm going to need this fall (sad that I know that already). :) The pregnancy is moving right along and it's hard to believe that in less than a month our precious little girl will be here. I think we are all ready for the most part and the kids are getting excited. Only time will tell when she decides to make her appearance.
Labor Day weekend was our annual VM campout. I think we had 47 family members there and only a few missing. It was such a great weekend and many thanks to anyone involved in helping organize it. We're already looking forward to going again next year! I don't have a lot of pictures because my camera batteries ran out, but I'll share what I have. Between all the great food & fellowship there was plenty of other activities to keep us busy...2 mile fun run/walk along with a kid fun run, crafts, 2 base whiffle ball, playground, geo-caching, minute to win it games and our own special church service. The kids had no problems falling asleep each night, but Jaren was also eager to get up early the next morning so as not to miss anything.

Grandma showing the kids how to play their minute-to-win-it game.
I got to be the score keeper. :)

Enjoying the wonderful food...this was our large brunch.

Always a game of football going on with the boys.

Great-grandpa requested that the younger kids sing a few songs. They did a really good job.

Jaren's turn at bat during 2-base whiffle ball.

Bethany up at bat...don't you just love her baseball hat that she stole from daddy. She is such a daddy's girl! :)

The girls loved hanging out in their special tent.

Jaren & Luke had a great time playing cards.

The younger ones finishing up their fun run.
On your mark...get set...GO!
Yes, even Baby Bella and Baby VM had to participate in the kids fun run/walk. Then it was the mommies turn to do the adult fun run/walk. All the kids got prizes for finishing so the kids are enjoying my bag of candy since I can't eat it. :)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

End of summer...beginning of school

OK...I had very good intentions of getting this blog updated with all the pictures from August, but I guess blogger had other ideas. I cannot get any pictures to load up except 4 right now so those will have to do until I have some time next week to finish. :(
Well, summer has ended and the kids just got done with their first week of school. The week went much better than expected, but today we have some attitude issues that go along with being tired. I'm sure that will get better over time. :) I thought I should quickly update my blog with some end of summer pictures and first day of school pictures.
August kept us busy with cousin Sara & Brian's wedding. The girls were asked to be bubble attendants and they had so much fun...and they looked adorable also. :)
The week after the wedding found us on a family vacation to the Ozarks with Kurtis' whole family to celebrate Keith & Gloria's 40th wedding anniversary. It was extremely hot there but thankfully we had two pools and the boat to use to cool us down. There was also the traditional mini golf game, go-karts and Dog Patch arcade.

Erica is going to really miss Bethany during the day

Erica and Jaren...the two trouble makers.

Erica helped make and decorate a cake to celebrate the first day of school.

1st day was a success!!!