Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring Happenings

Well, I really should be cleaning up around the house, but instead I'm enjoying listening to the birds chirping and the sound of all kids sleeping.
Spring activities are in full swing over here with field work, baseball/t-ball and just everyday life.  Jaren informed me yesterday that they are on the downhill slide for school, which made me stop and think about what I'm going to do with the kids this summer to keep us all sane. :)  Enjoy the pictures!
Jaren is raising hogs for the county fair.  They are the biggest rascals and enjoy chewing on your shoes and pants while feeding them.

Jaren's class lead chapel for the month of April.  They did a terrific job.

Erica (in maroon shirt) singing during the k-4th spring program at school.

Bethany (in orange) - same program

Jaren played the roll of Jesus in the program.

We just got two little kittens to add to our family.  The kids are spoiling them like crazy!
Trashbag is the brown one and Mittens is the gray one. (we did not name them, but the sweet kids that tamed them did). :)

Baseball is in full swing (haha).  Jaren has played a couple of games already and Erica is just starting practices.  Most weeks we have ball 4 nights a week.  Thankfully their is a cheap concession stand for quick suppers. :)
A few years ago, Kurtis had an Easter egg hunt in his livestock trailer for the kids.  He decided to do another hunt again this year since the kids keep telling him how much fun it was - closer to May Day than Easter, but they didn't mind.


Kate & I hanging out on the porch after lunch.

 The kids participated in the K-4th track meet this week.  Even though they are not the fastest runners, they had a great time and tried their best.

Of course, I had to dress Kate up in a Dutch costume for Tulip Time.

Kate & Aubrey - best friends!