Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The One and Only Southern Iowa Fair

Well our first year as fair participants is well underway and Jaren has done such an super job and is having a ton of fun at the same time.  He brought his exhibits in on Saturday and walked away with 3 blue ribbons and 1 Outstanding 4th Grade Achievement ribbon (comparable to a purple state fair ribbon but 4th graders can not go to the state fair).  His club also made a couple of benches which Jaren was involved with and did the write up for and that received a purple ribbon and got selected to go to the state fair.  Can you tell why he might be so excited!?!
Today he was able to participate for the first time in the hog show.  He admitted that he was nervous, but afterwards he told me that it wasn't bad at all and he's looking forward to next year.  He won 2 purple ribbons and 1 blue ribbon and also came home with 5th,4th & 2nd place trophies for derby swine and was the Grand Reserve Champion Derby class.  I really have no idea what I'm talking about but I'm trying to sound impressive! :)  Now he has it easy by just making sure his pigs are fed, watered and the pen is clean.  Thursday 2 will go on the truck to market and on Saturday he will auction one off.
One of the 2 benches Jaren helped work on.

They had great help in getting the hogs to where they needed to be and keeping them cool with water.

Cory, a fellow 4-H member was kind enough to show one of Jaren's hogs since he had 2 in the same class.

Getting his first trophy

The lineup of trophy winners.

 Proud moment showing off his new trophies and ribbons (the girls were very proud also). :)

Look at those cute "little" things!

And I don't want to leave the girls out.  They each brought 4 projects to the fair this year in the open class which was also a new thing for us.  I believe the got lots of blue ribbons and 1 red ribbon. 
 The girls with their refurbished frames - painted and added a little bling.  These can hold pictures and have already been changed out several times. :)

Erica showing her hand knitted scarf that she brought.

And I believe this is Bethany's pot holder that she made.
We're having a great time so far and are looking forward to the rest of the week watching the other shows.  We tried to watch the chicken show tonight, and no offense, but we just couldn't handle it for too long. :)  Good luck to Jaren's friends and fellow club members that are showing!