Monday, March 30, 2009

Bowling...again :)

We went bowling again this past weekend. Now before you think to yourself, "Don't they have anything better to do," let me just tell you that each time was with different family/friends so it was a different experience each time.
Bethany was loving the fact that there were older girls that paid a lot of attention to her and even danced with her. Jaren was taking his bowling game very seriously as it was a close bowl between him and Grant. Erica was the night time entertainment. Between the bowling, air blower and the stripping (because she wanted her diaper changed) she made sure everyone was humored. :)

Erica had fun styling her hair
Very excited after a good bowl
Bethany, Katelyn, Anna & Madeline playing ring around the rosie in between their turns.

Bethany feeling sorry for herself because she was done bowling
Jaren's awesome bowling style
Bethany's unique bowling style.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Yogurt Shots

Today, Kurtis and I got a laugh out of Bethany giving Erica "yogurt shots." Let's just hope this is not a sign of things to come.
Finger lickin' good!
Bottoms up!

Swinging the new bin

On Wednesday, the guys put up a new bin to hold gluton for the cattle. The kids and I went over to watch the crane put the bin in place.
Hooking it to the crane straps
Slowly lifting the bin
Making sure not to hit the other building
Sliding it into place
Admiring a job well done

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Great Family Fun

This past weekend was filled to the brim with fun family times. On Friday we met up with Kurtis' family at Honey Creek Resort down by Lake Rathbun as a gift from Kurtis' parents. THANK YOU!!! This is a new hotel with a fun indoor water park that was just perfect for our kids. Everyone had a great time except for maybe Madelyn...give her a year and she'll have no fear. :) We had a great supper at the restaurant and then ate breakfast there also. It was so nice not having to think about making any food, just like a real vacation should be.
On Saturday evening, we met up with some of my extended family to celebrate my Grandpa's birthday. We went bowling and then to my parent's house for some cake & ice cream. Erica was thrilled that she even got to bowl a few frames. Jaren will be sure to let you know that he got a 95 which put him in the winner's spot for the 2nd game on our lane.
Tomorrow is going to be hard on us. Having no schedule for the whole week of spring break was great. I know it's time to get back to reality, but it's been a fun week. It makes me a little anxious for summer!

Some of the girls enjoying the nachos that Aunt Sharon won for bowling a strike.

Erica showing great excitement being able to bowl like the others

Mommy & Erica waiting our's a hard thing when you're 2! :)

Bethany taking her turn. She loves being able to use the ramp with Grandpa's help.

Jaren's bowling & slide

Never a dull moment when Aunt Arlene is around!

Jaren doing his pirate pose...notice the one eye closed ;)

Practicing his balancing skills

I tricked Bethany into going down this slide. She loved it and went down most of the time.

Erica is our no fear child. The bigger the slide the better. She tried to go down the "big" slide, but I informed her she'd be 20 before she was tall enough for it. :)

This big slide was one of Jaren's favorite things to do over and over.

The look of delight!

Bethany making a new friend...this comes very easy for her and is so cute to watch her act like a little grown-up.

Jaren doesn't believe in a lazy has been renamed the racing river! It was great exercise trying to keep up with him.

Enjoying our wonderful breakfast buffet.

Grandpa & the girls hanging out in the lobby. We were trying to see if Grandpa's arms were still able to hold 2 kids at the same time just like when daddy and Uncle Jason were little.

The girls were hanging out on our "private" patio waiting for everyone else to wake up.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Chuck E. Cheese - FUN!?!?!?!

On Wednesday, my sister and I decided to take the kids to Chuck E. Cheese. Their new slogan should definitely be "Where a kid and be a kid and a mom can lose her mind!" The place was like a zoo. I'm not sure why so many people decided that Wednesday night would be a good night to go. We went thinking that it wouldn't be very busy. It didn't help that we had five kids, all with different interests. The kids had a great time though and that is what was important. They can't wait to go back. I told them they could go again only if daddy comes along to help. :) I only got a few pictures due to all the running around making sure all the kids were still around.
Erica taking a little drive with Chuck E. Cheese

Jaren riding one of the rides

Bethany & the bird...this was her favorite band member

Luke, Jaren & Bethany watching the band perform

Aunt Jennifer & Erica

Jaren, Reagan & Bethany posing with Chuck.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Fun in the woods

Sunday afternoon was way to beautiful to stay inside so we went with my dad geo-caching. The kids had a great time and Jaren thoroughly enjoyed the muddy trails. We found out after hiking about 1/4 mile on a very muddy trail that it is important that the correct coordinates were entered...right Dad? :) Oh well, the extra hiking was good excercise for us.

Kurtis had never been to Big Rock Park before so of course we had to go and show him the fun of the big rock.

The kids had a great time going up and down the rock...only one minor slip which was quite impressive considering how muddy their shoes were.

Grandpa showing Jaren how close the GPS unit says we are to the cache.
Bethany had it easy between daddy and grandpa carrying her. The mud was quite difficult for her to try and get through without falling.
Taking a much needed water break.

Jaren following the path. He loved to walk right down the middle of the path where the most mud was. He ended up having to strip down to his underwear in order to ride home in the van because he was so muddy.

Bethany showing off her new friend, Mr. Pickles.

Grandpa showing Jaren how to use the GPS unit. We told him to look in the sky for the satellites. :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Days of Fun

Well, we've been having quite a bit of fun over here the past few days. I'll just highlight a few of the things. This past Saturday night, Bethany & I went to the PCHS drill team spring performance. The team did a fantastic job and now Bethany can't wait to take dance lessons and be just like Katelyn, our cousin who's on the team. Erica was feeling a touch left out, but daddy made up for us leaving her at home by letting her eat a brownie in while watching a movie.

Jaren is on his last week of having Wednesdays off. They have spring break next week and then he will start going everyday. He's excited and sad about this because he really likes that break in the middle of the week...wouldn't we all. :) Today we all went over to the farm to help Kurtis, Scott, & Grandpa unload the baby pigs. Jaren is a pro at this and knows exactly what to do. The girls weren't so sure about the whole thing but by the end Erica was petting a pig and Bethany was chasing them into the pen.

Erica was saying hi to the piggies and was trying to perfect her "oink."

Looking at his job well can just see the delight in his eyes of being able to work with daddy.

Bethany now safely behind one of the gates...relief!

After lunch Kurtis was home waiting for someone to come so he had some extra time to join in on our craft for the day. Jaren had found this idea of a marble golf game in his Highlites magazine last month so we went to work on putting it together.

Bethany & Daddy worked hard together...notice the sand, water, dirt & lava traps on her golf course. Jaren did the same thing. Their courses are meant for the extreme professionals only. :)