Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Happy 40th Anniversary Dad & Mom

Today my parents are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary.  They are currently on a mission trip in Uganda with some great friends of theirs so we had a wonderful anniversary party a couple weeks early.
The yummy lemon/raspberry, chocolate & white cupcakes along with the other delicious food. :)

A photo collage of my parents throughout their years together.

Their 12 biggest blessings in order by age - Jaren (10), Luke (9), Bethany (8), Reagan (7), Erica (6) Drew (5), Lauren (5), Hailey (4), Brynn (4), Kate (2), Klayton (2) & Makayla (8 months)

The happy couple - the pink and green hearts behind them were decorated by the grandkids.

A great day with lots of fellowship and catching up.
Happy Anniversary Dad & Mom!  Praying that God blesses you with many more years together!