Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Winter Fun

This winter has been going by fast which also means that it must be going well for us.  We having been keeping busy enough not to get bored, but not overwhelmed either.
Jaren is keeping busy with 4-H, Cadets & Basketball and loving all of them.  My dad is one of his Cadet counselors which he thinks is the greatest thing ever.  They've always had a special bond and it's fun to see it grow as Jaren gets older.

Today we are enjoying a snow day at home.  I was praying for it to happen because it's always so nice to have an unexpected break during the middle of the week.  I tried to take a few pictures of the kids playing outside, but my camera decided it was too cold to work.  Jaren & I have been playing Monopoly and are hoping to keep it going for the whole week.  The kids also made some fun gooey gunk that they enjoyed playing with...I needed something to pull them away from the electronics for awhile. :) 

Kate hanging out in the van waiting to pick the older kids up from school.  Everything's better with doughnut holes. :)

Playing with our gooey gunk and loving it!

Erica was feeling under the weather earlier this week so she spent a lot of time finger knitting scarves.

Jaren looking to pass the ball in one of his games.  It is so fun to watch these games and see so much improvement each week.

More gooey gunk fun!

Erica went to a fun birthday party where they got their hair all done up.  She was so excited about her new hair do.

Jaren & Kate made cookies together the other day.  Jaren is such a great brother and was very patient with Kate.

 Under the hoop looking for the pass.

Kate & Aubrey, a little girl I watch daily, enjoy dressing up.

Bethany enjoying some snuggles from Tegan, a little boy I watch a few days a week.
Kurtis and I are also busy organizing for the school auction coming up in Feb.  Feel free to check out our website at to see what's going on on the auction front. :)  We are so thankful for the willing committee we have to help pull this fundraiser off!