Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt

The kids enjoyed their annual Easter egg hunt again this year with their cousins.  Now that there are 12 of them we were very thankful that the chaos could be outside. :)
Here's a picture of Aubrey & Kate after their Easter Egg hunt at our house.

The crew ready to go hunting
Lauren, Drew, Hailey, Brynn, Klayton, Kate
Jaren, Bethany, Reagan, Erica, Makayla with Grandpa & Luke

The adults helping those that can't read...everyone can only pick up eggs with their names on them. :)

Bethany spotting one of her eggs

Jaren still on the hunt (they asked for us to make it harder this year and I think we succeeded)

Daddy helping Kate

Kate was very proud of her basket

Kate, Jaren, Erica & Bethany after the hunt.