Thursday, March 28, 2013

Finger Painting

I decided to be brave and let Kate & Aubrey do a little finger painting yesterday.  They did an awesome job and loved it.  Kate kept telling me, "I know play mom, I go to paint."  One paint mess a day is enough for me so she has to wait to paint another masterpiece.
It was so amazing to see their personalities come out so strong in their painting styles.  Kate's was very organized with the colors not touching and Aubrey was all over mixing her colors. :)

The tongue of concentration! :)

Very focused...Aubrey was content using just blue until Kurtis mentioned that other colors would be pretty also.  She then started using all the colors. :)

Just a cute picture of the two girlies reading books together.  Don't mind Kate's pantsless state, she's just going through a phase. :)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


This year, Jaren was privileged to be part of our church's Cadet group.  He had a great year and thought it was awesome that Grandpa Wayne was willing to be one of his counselors.  He was able to earn six badges this year and is already starting on one for next year.  It helps that some of these badges can double up for 4-H projects for the fair also. :)
This past week he participated in the church car races and then also Cadet-O-Rama where they race their cars again and also bring badges that they've worked on.  His cadre received blue ribbons for both their badges!
One of the races for his cadre

Jaren won 3rd place for speed in the 4th grade cadre and Grandpa won 1st place in speed for the counselor group - :)  Jaren also won 3rd place at Cadet-O-Rama, but I was not expecting it so I didn't have my camera ready for a picture.

The cadet group from our church

6 of the 8 cars in the 4th grade group

Getting ready to race at Cadet-O-Rama

Closing ceremonies - a bunch of counselors and cadets from Hawkeye Council

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Picture Update

Erica celebrated her birthday at the beginning of Feb. and enjoyed a party with her classmates.  It was a fun time, but boy can they keep you busy! :)  Thumbs up for the cake balls!

Kate loves building with her she is building a new semi for daddy

Just a cute picture of Daddy & Kate that we took for K day for Erica

Jaren's class performed a few songs on their recorders at the Pop's Concert.  They did a terrific job!

Enjoying a lazy Saturday morning watching cartoons.

Jaren's Upward basketball season is now complete.  Such a neat, encouraging program for the him to be a part of.  We had the end of season celebration last night and those kids were all so pumped up! :)

 Enjoying a fun birthday party with the cousins, aunts, uncles & grandparents.  Bethany celebrated her birthday at the end of Feb., but her and her friends refused to let me take any pictures of them. :(

Just a sampling of all the young children at the party.

The girls enjoyed playing out in the snow during one of the storms.  This was Kate's first time playing out in it and despite the fact that she kept saying she didn't like the snow, she really enjoyed sledding.

Little Miss Aubrey is celebrating her birthday tomorrow.  Here's the two monkeys after she opened her gifts from Kate.  So thankful that microphone went to her house and didn't stay here...Sorry Steve & Jenessa! :)