Sunday, July 11, 2010

June/July 2010

Wow, I can't believe that the summer is half over already and I think the second half is going to go just as fast. We have been keeping very busy and it's only going to get busier...we love it. :) The kids have been doing a lot of swimming and just got done with their first week of lessons. They are all doing great and loving every minute of it. We just got back from our first weekend camping trip (see pictures below) and have 2 more camping trips (one to Michigan and one to Des Moines) plus a trip to the Ozarks scheduled yet between now and labor day. It's a little tiring just thinking about it, but all of it will be so fun and we are really looking forward to everything we have scheduled.
We had some of the cousins spend the night a couple of weeks ago. Luke, Reagan, Drew & Lauren cam while their dad worked and mom had to take a class. The kids had so much fun playing together and not a lot of sleep was done that night for some of the kids. Thankfully they didn't disturb Kurtis & me. They did some swimming, playing outside, playing Wii (boys), playing house (girls) and having a pizza/movie night. Jaren reading everyone a few bedtime stories.
The boys playing Wii. Notice Luke is still in his pajamas.
Playing in the sandbox. I love how they are all playing in one little corner of our big sandbox.
Swimming!!! It wasn't overly warm in the pool, but they didn't seem to mind one bit. Reagan would have stayed in the pool the entire time she was here even though she was freezing.

This past weekend we have a family camp out with my mom's side of the family. We had a ton of fun and hope to possibly make this an annual event...hint, hint. :) Bethany loving the great outdoors. They couldn't wait to finally go camping.
Everyone enjoying our dessert extravaganza on Friday night.
Erica loved the chocolate chip pancakes Becky made for breakfast Saturday morning. Sunday morning found us losing half our camping group due to the wind knocking down tents during the night. There was a LOT of monkey bread for those of us still there and we are proud/not proud to say we finished all three pans. :)
The kids had a water fight to cool down. The adults stayed in the safe zone so we didn't become targets...except for Kurtis who got sprayed coming out of our camper by Aunt Helen. He tried to spray her earlier but got Aunt Ruth instead so this was pay back.
We played some really fun Minute to Win It games in which we divided into 4 teams and competed.
Ryan got first place in the shoot out...yeah for my team! :)
Jennifer attempting to catch ping pong balls during Buckethead.
Tic Tac Pong
Stick the landing...very hard. Try to toss a water bottle onto a table and get it to stay there upright.
Our final competition was trying to get 4 noodles slid onto a piece of spaghetti without breaking the spaghetti noodle or dropping the other pieces.
Next it was the kids' turn for the competition.
Bethany rolling the marbles to see how many she could stick to the duck tape in 30 seconds.
Jaren bouncing ping pong balls to stick to the peanut butter sandwiches. He did it in record time...1.7 seconds.
The kids also loved playing at the playground.
This picture was to sweet to leave out. Bethany, Reagan, Erica and Drew holding hands and running back from the playground. Pure joy!
Roasting yummy campfire treats.

Happy 40th Anniversary

On June 26, we celebrated Keith & Gloria's 40th Anniversary by taking a family photo, going out for supper and then going back to their place for a surprise party. It's really hard throwing a surprise party at the house of the ones you are trying to surprise, but we some help we were able to pull it off. It was a very fun evening.

Both girls modeling Grandma's going away dress.

Three of the four granddaughters modeling their matching dresses.