Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter & Bowling

Friday night was a wet, rainy night so Farm Grandma thought it would be fun to go bowling. I honestly wasn't sure how we would manage Kate during that time, but she did a great job of entertaining herself and obeying the rules. :) The older three had a blast (and so did the adults).Our little drama queen :)
Jaren did great with a score of 125
This shows the craziness of our group minus Grandpa - Erica lounging on the floor, Bethany making sure the balls go the right way (adult on one side/kid on the other) Jaren & Grandma discussing the scores and Kate coughing. :)
Kate LOVED playing with the hand dryer
Best Friends
Look at that form - too bad I still beat him :)
Now we move on to our blessed Easter day. There were lots of kids running around so full of life and just plain having a great time making memories with their cousins. Looking at the picture below I'm surprised no one was run over with all the ride on toys & scooters.
The kids table
Klayton & Kate enjoyed eating together at the "toddler table"

Friday, April 6, 2012

Pine Wood Derby Races

A couple of weeks ago, the kids got to participate in the pine wood derby car races at the mall. A huge thank you to my dad who took the time to cut out each can and get them ready for the races. The kids had a great time painting their cars and also racing them.Giving Grandpa bigs hugs of thanks.
Showing off their medals & trophies
All their cars - starting with the pink (Bethany, Drew, Lauren, Erica, Erica, Reagan, Reagan, Luke, Luke, Jaren, Jaren, Bethany). Drew, Bethany & Jaren also won best of show for their cars - Bethany's pink on and Jaren's Angry Bird cars.
A fun race where the winners were facing off - Lauren, Reagan, Bethany, Luke & Jaren
Watching their races
Enjoying their front row seats
Kate enjoying her snack :)
Loving her daddy :)
Boys: "We want money for some food."
Me: "If you let me take a nice picture of you I'll give you some."
This is as good as it got. :)
Lining up to race their cars in the PreK category