Monday, July 18, 2011

Nine months already!

Thought I would post a few things about Kate now that she is 9 months old. She is still a very sweet little girl and is now so much happier since she's learned to crawl and get into everything. She went from sitting around one day to crawling and pulling herself up by everything the next. The older kids could not wait for Kate to start crawling...I don't think they are quite as thrilled as they thought they'd be. Let's just say we had to do some quick baby proofing around here. :) Here are some pictures that tell a little about Kate.

She has beautiful blue eyes that will melt your heart. :)

She loves to read books...especially the touch & feel kind

She loves to be outside and sit in the grass. She does a very good job of not eating the leaves and grass, but instead just exploring them.

She loves pizza, fruit of any kind, waffles, toast, puffs, and pretty much any other table food you will give her. Don't the let the sippy cup in her hand fool you though. She is not a fan and it usually just ends up on the floor.

This is how we have found her sleeping a quite a bit lately. Yes, we do go in and lay her down since this does not look like the safest sleeping position.

Kate loves to swim. She burns a ton of energy in the pool kicking and splashing.

She is such a trooper when going anywhere. All she needs is a clean diaper, some food and maybe a toy or two and she's good to go.

Now I just pray that these next 3 months slow down because I am not ready for Kate to be a year old.

Got milk?