Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy Birthday, Kate!!!

Our sweet little girl turned 1 on Thursday. Where has the year gone? She is such an incredible blessing to our family and has won our hearts over a 1000 times. She adores her big brother and sisters just as much as they adore her. Kate has such a fun temperment and has a pretty go with the flow attitude.
What is Kate up to:

  • She is getting more daring with her walking, taking up to 7-8 steps at a time before falling.

  • Kate loves to dance and makes sure we all are watching her.

  • She loves to read books. Right now she loves the touch & feel books and a Little People Harvest time book...yes she's very smart and knows what season it is out on the farm. :)

  • Kate has a special purple blanket that is always close by and a great form of comfort.

  • She has no teeth but eats whatever we are having without any problems. Thankfully she is not a picky eater and will shovel in most foods very fast. The only thing she is not a fan of yet is whole milk. We are working on it as mommy would like complete freedom soon. :)

  • Can say mama, dada (her first word), hi while pretending to talk on the phone, CaCa for Erica and yumm and nigh-nigh.

  • Kate loves to climb and stand on things - especially going up the stairs, wear necklaces, carry purses (this is a new favorite) and rock in our little red rocking chair...usually while standing up. :)

  • She is still not sleeping through the night like I'd like, but who really needs a full night of sleep anyway? :)

  • And for those that want to know, Kate weighed 19 lb 4 oz and was 28" at her check-up.

I can go on and on about how special Kate is, but I will let you enjoy the pictures of her instead. :)