Friday, January 29, 2010

Game Over

Well, now that the school day has ended, so has the competition on guessing what Jaren dressed up like. Unfortunately for you, there were no winners. Jaren is excited because now he gets the bottle of Dr. Pepper (one of his favorites).

Now for the long awaited (ok so maybe not) picture of Jaren as a ...
CAVEMAN...dirty face, messy hair, and most importantly his club!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Guessing Game

For school, we have to dress up. Try to guess what I am going to be. If you guess right you get 1 bottle of Dr. Pepper. Thanks for trying. Jaren

P.S. If my mom has already told you, you are disqualified from the competition! :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's about time!!!

I know that I've neglected my blog for a month, but that also means that I have kept plenty busy doing other things.
Jaren and Bethany continue to go to school whenever the weather allows, Kurtis keeps busy with livestock, trucking and other daily farming work, and Erica continues to be dragged around everywhere.
I celebrated another birthday this month and had a wonderful weekend celebration. The Saturday was spent shopping and eating delicious cheese cake with my mom and sister. Thanks to my Aunt Arlene, I was able to go the whole day without any worries about getting home by a certain time to pick them up. The Sunday of my birthday weekend was spent at my parents house sledding with my whole family. My parents have the perfect sledding hill and the kids loved going down the hill over and over. Coming up the hill was another thing. Jaren would usually go down the hill and take a little rest before venturing back up.
Jaren and Luke trying to figure out who's going to carry the sled back up the hill.

The look of pure delight!

Bethany getting ready to go down the hill.

Erica, Drew & Grandpa attempting to go all together. They did not make it very far before they were all rolling off the sled laughing.
Bethany having a great time!

I thought I'd add a few pictures from the lovely ice storm. Most of you I'm sure have seen first had the damage that this storm caused, but for the few of you that missed out here some from around our yard. We were without power from Wednesday morning until Thursday night and then again Friday morning until Saturday evening but we have a generator so not much was different for us. We escaped for the weekend to Dubuque to go to the water park with the kids. They loved it and had so much fun. Even our timid little Bethany was braving the slides by herself. I unfortunately forgot my camera, but that left more time for playing in the water with the kids. :)

Erica and Daddy watching the weather report the day before the storm hit.
The whole side of Kurtis' trailer was a sheet of ice.
One of the larger branches that fell in our yard.

You can kind of tell how thick the ice was and I don't think this was even the end of the storm.

Well, that's all for now. I'll try to update a little more frequently, but I make no promises.